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  • The Kachin Historical Background

    22 May 2010

    The Kachin – Historical Background There are many racial groups in Myanmar. It is one of the South East Asia Countries. Kachin people are one among them who were a nomadic community. It is important to mention about their origin, migration, name, the...

  • Kachin Socio -Political and Economic Background

    22 May 2010

    Kachin Socio -Political and Economic Background Kachin people have their own social, political, and economic background. In governing system they have their own one. They have beautiful social relationship and own agriculture methods. Kachin are friendly...

  • The Growth of Christianity in the Myanmar

    22 May 2010

    The Growth of Christianity in the Myanmar The Early Arrival of Chrsitianity in Myanmar The Burmans were the largest group in Myanmar; they were more advanced than other people groups. Buddhism was deeply rooted in the life of Burmans widely since the...

  • The Growth of Christianity in the Kachin People

    22 May 2010

    The Growth of Christianity in the Kachin People The early western missionaries contact to the Kachin people From the time Judson landed in Rangoon to the meeting of the first Kachins by an American Baptist. In 1837 that intrepid missionary traveler, Eugenio...

  • The Kachin

    27 May 2010

    Kachin ETHNONYMS: Dashan, Jinghpaw, Khang, Singhpo, Theinbaw F. K. LEHMAN Orientation History and Cultural Relations Settlements Economy Kinship Marriage and Family Sociopolitical Organization Religion and Expressive Culture Bibliography Kachin - Orientation...

  • Kachin's Anti-Government Forces

    27 May 2010

    Kachin's Anti-Government Forces Burma drew the Union Constitution in 1947 and so got the united independence in 1948. The constitution of 1947 has promised that if a state finds the union is negative to its own national interest, it can leave the union...


    27 May 2010

    KACHIN PEOPLE The word Kachins or Kachin 1 is derived from Ga hkyeng or Red Soil, which was written as Kakhyengs (in plural form) by earlier authors, including Dr Kincaid in 1837; simplified by American and British Officers in the Colonial days. Though...


    02 June 2010

    JINGPO ETHNIC GROUP Kachin fighter in WW2 The Jingpo is the name of a minority that lives in Yunnan Province along the northeast border of Myanmar. There are also large numbers of them in Myanmar where they are known as the Kachin. The are also some in...

  • The War on Kachin Forests

    04 June 2010

    The War on Kachin Forests By John S. Moncreif and Htun Myat/Kunming One of the world’s "biodiversity hotspots" is under siege, as a growing number of business interests seek to cash in the "peace" in northern Burma’s Kachin State. A project is in progress...

  • World Indigenous Peoples - Myanmar/Burma : Kachin

    09 June 2010

    World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples - Myanmar/Burma : Kachin Profile The Kachin encompass a number of ethnic groups speaking almost a dozen distinct languages belonging to the Tibeto-Burman linguistic family who inhabit the same region...

  • Kachin Rangers: Allied guerrillas in WW II Burma

    10 June 2010

    Kachin Rangers: Allied guerrillas in WW II Burma Dec, 2002 by C.H. Dr. Briscoe Early in 1942, the outlook for the Allies was grim in the China-Burma-India theater, or CBI. The Japanese navy had driven the British navy from the Java Sea, Singapore had...


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